Holmes & Company, PC has provided timely and leading edge consulting and advice to law firms, CPA firms, and banks regarding the SBA Paycheck Protection Program. Our firm has provided multiple webinars with approximately 2,000 participants to the Oregon Society of Certified Public Accountants, the Non-Profit Association of Oregon, and the Professional Liability Attorney Network (PLAN). As a result of our expertise in navigating program rules and mastering strategies to maximize forgiveness, Holmes & Company was selected by OnPoint Credit Union (Oregon’s largest credit union) to manage the credit union’s total PPP Loan Forgiveness process. Accordingly, the professionals at Holmes & Company created bank processes that maximize efficiency, educational tools for borrowers and credit union employees, and the firm’s proprietary PPP Loan Verifier ™ that enables borrowers to achieve maximum PPP loan forgiveness while ensuring that the credit union complies with lender requirements for forgiveness.

Holmes & Company is proud to have been a leading consultant nationally and has helped thousands of companies achieve maximum goals for the Paycheck Protection Program.