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Intellectual Property

Holmes Company provides a detailed analysis of complex intellectual property matters, from liability and causation issues to the determination of damages and prejudgment interest. Our services cover a range of intellectual property issues including trademark and copyright infringement, trade secret misappropriation, and patent infringement.

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Financial Services

Holmes Company provides detailed analysis of financial transactions and employee conduct for financial institutions, including stock brokerage firms, insurance companies, mortgage brokerage firms, and lending institutions involved in litigation. We also provide audits of financial statements for investment companies, as well as mortgage brokerage firms.

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Family-owned Business

Family business and succession planning can be especially complicated due to the unique relationships and emotions involved. Holmes Company is experienced in efficiently addressing family-owned business issues and assisting our clients in moving toward their long-range goals with planning for retirement, succession management, ownership transfers, and sale of the business.

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Employee Benefit Plans

Employee and employer compensation can take many forms. Whether your desire is to perform audits of your ERISA plans, establish a “discriminatory” plan to compensate owners or executives, or to establish an ESOP plan to encourage employee ownership and achieve tax deductions, we help our clients realize their goals.

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Holmes Company assists attorneys and their clients in analyzing various financial documents and asset existence in connection with the dissolution of a marriage. These services commonly include:

• Analyzing personal and business tax returns
• Reviewing bank statements and brokerage accounts
• Assisting in client interviews and depositions
• Tracing assets to determine or refute separate property claims
• Searching for assets that may have been diverted or dissipated in anticipation of divorce
• Determining income available for spousal maintenance and child support
• Valuation of business interests
• Determine the components and values of the marital estate

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Lost Earnings

Holmes Company is experienced in analyzing all of the components involved in lost earnings calculations. We also provide calculations in matters involving wrongful terminations, death, and personal injury.

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Technology and Internet

Technology and internet companies have unique needs related to revenue recognition, stock ownership, capitalization and intellectual property issues. Holmes Company has experience providing tax and accounting services to clients in software development, internet, biotechnology, telecommunications, and electronic manufacturing.

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Mergers and Acquisitions

We have the expertise to support companies through every aspect of a merger and acquisition. If you’re thinking of acquiring a private company, Holmes Company can help you ensure your decision is based on thorough due diligence, realistic financial projections, focused post-acquisition business and integration plans, as well as sound valuation analyses. Our services include:

• Due diligence analysis
• Conducting audits and evaluating assets of acquired companies
• Performing other due diligence in connection with acquisitions
• Advising on proper accounting methods and adjustments
• Reviewing and advising on acquisition agreements
• Creating pro forma financial statements for combined entities
• Coordinating the complex nature of combining accounting and administrative support
• Advising on tax planning opportunities
• Completion of all post acquisition tax preparation and compliance
• Consulting on business valuation and purchase price
• Working with attorneys, bankers and venture capitalists

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Agriculture and Wineries

Holmes Company understands the business needs of today’s farms, ranches, agriculture companies and wineries. Recognizing that agriculture companies and wineries face unique concerns and issues, we provide a full range of services including tax planning and compliance, financial statement preparation and audit, and general business consulting.

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Alter Ego and Agency

Holmes Company provides analysis of factors that could be indicia of alter ego and/or agency between corporate and individual shareholders, or across multiple organizational structures, financial or operational boundaries.

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