More than Accounting

If you are looking for answers to complex issues that require a high level of expertise and service, Holmes & Company is right for you.

Holmes & Company

Holmes & Company specializes in providing high quality and value added tax, accounting and litigation support services to multi-state / multi-entity businesses, high income and high net worth individuals, and reputable trial lawyers with complex litigation support needs.

Our Partners have “Big 4” accounting firm and “real-world” experience in industry senior level financial management positions – We have been both the client and the service provider. Holmes & Company provides expertise in accounting, auditing, taxation, economics, finance and liability assessments, as well as:


Dispute resolution requires accurate and persuasive presentations from experienced litigation experts. Holmes & Company pros have experience as both testifying experts and undisclosed consultants.


Our wide range of experience varies from simple acts of embezzlement to sophisticated schemes involving many parties and millions of dollars.


Evaluating damage claims requires a thorough understanding of the business in question, legal strategies of the parties and the appropriate legal framework for damages.


Whether you need an audit required for financing, compliance or tax minimization strategy, support during bankruptcy, or just general business advice to become more competitive, Holmes & Company delivers service with confidence and timeliness.


Holmes & Company’s depth of resources represent a range of expertise to meet our clients’ unique needs. Our professionals are knowledgeable in a wide array of industries and disciplines, bringing expertise that goes beyond tradition.


Our professionals bring credentials in a variety of fields, including CPAs, CFEs, and tax specialists. We also work with counsel to support or coordinate affiliated and nonaffiliated experts within the litigation team.